Some random musings

Well, through fault that is entirely my own I have not posted for a long time.  However a couple of incidents related to London made me decide to get involved again.

Commuting for about three hours a day means I read the newspapers more than ever at the moment and there has been one story that has really annoyed me.  People seem to be getting angry over a cut in housing benefit.  I’ll keep this short because I don’t really see that there is a lot to be said in favour for keeping it as it is.

There seems to be an argument however that if housing benefit is cut then people will have to stop living in areas of Central London if they can’t afford it.  Now am I missing something here?  If you can’t afford to live somewhere then don’t.  I can’t afford to live in London, so I spent about 300 pounds getting to work each month.  I don’t complain about it, and I don’t think I have any right to claim money to live closer to where I work.  As far as I can see, if you can’t afford to live somewhere then move to somewhere you can.  Go get a place you can afford and don’t expect the state to pick up your bill.  Isn’t that a large part of what capitalism is based on?  So stop bitching about it.

* * * *

Whilst on the subject of London.  Tube strikes.  I am lucky in the fact that these strikes don’t affect me directly, my trains are slightly more crowded but as  I am always on the overground and it is overcrowded anyway.

But yes, it is a pain to people who use the tube, it delays journeys, the roads are heaving, and every form of transport is packed.  However everyone has shown they can cope without the trains for 24 hours.

I don’t really understand what causes tube workers to strike every few minutes other than the fact that they are thick as the proverbial and as lazy as the Spanish on a siesta.  But I do believe that given the economic climate the cuts to staff seem reasonable and the claims by unions that these cuts – mainly to ticket staff I might add – undermine safety are preposterous.  Before that they held a strike to achieve a 5% pay rise whilst working fewer hours.  This in a job a monkey could do and getting 30k for it.

So here is my solution to having ungrateful tube strikes.  Let’s hold a public strike.  48 hours where commuters refuse to use the tube.  Everyone has shown they can get by without it, so now let’s show that actually, the workers run an optional service and they can’t get by without the customer.  Because if you don’t have any income then you can’t pay your staff and cuts are inevitable anyway.  That should wake the public princesses up to the real world.

Also, can someone please punch Bob Crowe in the face.  Thanks.

* * * *

Finally I thought I’d have a glance at my football predictions, Spurs may have lost to Bolton today but inspired by Gareth Bale we beat Inter Milan on Tuesday, which I believe technically makes us the best team in Europe.

Sadly Bolton are in the mix at the moment.  No surprise to see Chelsea running away with it, and likewise West Ham are bottom.  I stand by the fact they will just stay up but it’s no shock to see them struggle.

Blackpool are doing as well as I hoped and West Brom are turning into a real surprise package.  I predicted the most exciting season ever and I stand by it.  5th to 16th separated by just 3 points.  Game on!


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I am an opinionated sports-mad 25year old news junkie who didn’t fancy spending the money to finish a Broadcast Journalism degree. I am interested in all genres of news and tend to have something to say on just about everything. I have worked in the press offices for ITV and Holby City on BBC1 as well as doing more technical jobs such as for the Digital TV Group. Having previously worked selling sports hospitality I have recently been made redundant from my job as a project manager for a global exhibition company. Whilst I work out and find my next role I thought I'd try and give this another go - this time combining the news commentary element with my own creative writing attempts Follow me on twitter at
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One Response to Some random musings

  1. kainotophobic says:

    Absolutely love this! Bit out of touch with London at the moment, but I’m prepared to trust your views!

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